Cancellation Policy


The extra expense, which may include government-imposed taxes or other fees, is either added to your fare or disclosed on the checkout page in order to give the consumer the best airfares. The client will be responsible for paying any changes in the income tax rate that occur during the booking confirmation but were not disclosed when the appointment was made.

The following is a list of additional connected fees that have been charged.

Paper ticket fees:

A delivery fee will be assessed when paper seat issue is requested. Tickets that can't be delivered or are misdirected will incur a handling fee. Please be aware, nevertheless, that if this fee is applicable, it will be disclosed in the contract prior to purchase.


Only when the flight's fare restrictions permit them will adjustments to the itinerary be accepted. Additionally, there will be a fee of between US$200 and US$300 per passenger even then (different by market depending on the particular fare rule). If the itinerary is changed, there will be a settlement processing cost assessed.

Baggage Fees and Auxiliary Airlines:

For delivering particular solutions when you meet or surpass the specific restrictions to which they conform, several airlines typically impose extra fees. These phrases include, but are not limited to, "baggage allowance," "baggage weight limit," and "number of bags." The consumer is advised to review the airline's terms before booking tickets with Travelerocity to gain a better understanding.

Entry/exit fees:

Some countries' airports levy a specific tax upon entering and leaving the nation for international travellers. Please be aware that these fees are not included in the quoted ticket prices. It is advised that you look into and learn more about the particular nations that have entry/exit fees.

Free cancellation and refund policy:

When it comes to travel, things don't always go as planned. So that you will know what to do if something goes wrong, Travelerocity makes care to give a clearly stated cancellation and refund policy. There is no cancellation fee if the cancellation is made within 24 hours of the reservation. However, there will be a cancellation fee applied if the cancellation happens more than 24 hours after making the appointment. Also take notice that any refund or cancellation request will only be fulfilled following client verification.